The Medical Mobile App

MedWebium provides the medical researcher a dramatically expanded scope of statistical survey pool data. It simultaneously delivers drill-down capabilities on the inquiry parameters and adapts to suit the researcher's needs. MedWebium directly addresses two aspects of medical research: Massive, real-time, in-field data acquisition and patient compliance testing and implementation.

Demonstrates use of
varied media and question types
Non-Medical Demo

AZT Monitoring Survey

1) Did you take your AZT this morning?

Yes No

2) How many pills did you take?







3) What were the colors of all the pills? (select all that apply)








4) Please describe how you felt thirty minutes later.

Data Acquisition

  • Dynamic Content: All types of questions, feedback and response styles; unlimited volumes, branching logic, etc.
  • Multimedia Enhanced: If a picture is 1000 words we build for wordiness. Unlimited images or video embeds to highlight your words.
  • Dynamically Updatable: Login to edit any data and all changes are served everywhere immediately.
  • In-field: Your expertise, InterWebium App delivery.
  • Data Security: US government standards or higher.
  • Robust Statistical Analysis: Track all clicks to strategically tweak analytics.
  • Do it Yourself: Easy-to-use wizard editors, guides, and more.

Patient Compliance

  • Testing
  • Ongoing Subject Monitoring
  • Data Collection
  • Multiple subject response: Collected per hour (day, week, year).
  • Analysis: Virtually limitless dependent and independent variable testing of survey results.

General Features

  • Scaling: Unlimited potential.
  • Real-Time: Redundant Internet cloud servers.
  • Share Tools: Mobile Apps, Social Media networking.
  • Branching Logic: Jump from question 1 to 55 (or wherever), depending on responses.
  • Customizable: Professionally designed skins, templates & logic.
  • IT Free interface: DIY, FAQs, guides, and more.